We were amazed at how much professional lighting can cost for a horse ring.  So we decided to go on the cheap and were amazed at how well it worked out.

We currently have 4 lights in the ring. Each is a 1500W, 240V halogen flood light mounted on a 10-foot 4×4 wood post. They cost $50 each.

The light and bulbs are as follows:

Light: HUBQL1505 (QL1505 1000/1500W 240V FLOOD) $50.44

Bulb: SUP1500T3QCL240V (1500t3Q/CL 240V QTZ LAMP 60276) $6.54

We tried a more expensive metal halide (MH) light but it was more expensive and much heavier than the halogen lights. Moreover, the electricity savings was minimal because we only run the lights a few hours a week, and not 24×7 like in a parking lot situation.

The bulbs seem to last about 2 years each.

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