Posted by: Realist | September 20, 2009

Fans for the Summer Heat, Flies

Our older horse gets really hot in the summers and also gets tormented by the horse flies.  Our horses stay out 24×7, they don’t get put into stalls during the day.  We decided to put some fans in the run-in shed for their comfort.  Once we got power out to the run-in shed (which is another story), I bought some $40 fans from Walmart that have metal grill housings for safety.  I turned them upside down and mounted the legs to the wall.  Voila, instant air conditioning and fly repellent!

fansI initially thought our two horses would share the two fans, side by side.  But the alpha horse would take up both fans by standing sideways, one on his head and the other on his butt.  On hot days, he would have one side of himself sweaty and the other side dry.  Interestingly, he always faced the same direction.

Our poor other horse would stand behind him, stamping at flies, and try to get some cooling.

Here’s a picture that includes the run-in shed stall.

fans_and_shedThe fans lasted one year.  The next summer, when I went to turn them on, only one worked.  The other one was so encrusted with dirt that the blades wouldn’t turn.  After a month, the working one also gave up the ghost.

I thought about cleaning and oiling them, and even started to dismantle them one day, but decided at $40/each it would be easier to simply replace them.  A quick trip to Walmart and I had two new fans.  It was really easy swapping them out since the legs of the old fans were mounted in the shed and I simply replaced the fan bodies.  Of course, I bought the exact same model so I could swap them out.

I sometimes worry the horses might get hearing damage from standing next to the fans for hours at a time.  They’re not painfully noisy, but even moderate noise over time can do damage, and the alpha horse stands right next to them.


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