Posted by: Realist | February 13, 2009

New Horse!

We got a new horse!  It’s a 4 year old Quarter Horse gelding named Peppy Zan Man.  I suppose that makes him a colt.  We got him from the trainer who started him, so he’s only been handled by professionals.  After test riding half a dozen other horses for sale, I realize now this is a big plus.  So many of the other horses were really stiff since they’ve been pulled on by beginners for years.

Because we wanted a horse that was rock solid, and because riding a horse out in a field alone is a good test of temperament, all our test rides included cantering in a field.  And boy is that eye opening.  We tried one little pony who seemed fine, but out in a big field this pony started galloping around and was completely unsteerable.  Another horse bolted in the field and also could not be steered or stopped.

Peppy was great.  He’s got more whoa than go, rock solid, both with other horses and alone.  I took him out on a short trail ride, cantered him around, and he was fine.  I also took him out alone away from the horses and again he was fine, down the road, through trees, trotting around, etc.

He has the right mind set that we’re looking for.  Calm, cool, relaxed, and would rather stop than go.  But with a good kick he’ll go as well, so he’s not a nag.  He’s the kind of horse we can put beginners on, hack out on a trail, ride bareback, go horse camping with, trailer/tie/hobble, and just in general have fun with.  He’s also young enough we can compete him if we desire.

He passed the vet pre-purchase exam with flying colors.  We’ve never had a horse do that, they usually have something slightly wrong with the flexion test.

The Western trainer said he was the greenest (and cheapest) horse they had, and I was surprised to find he was more broke than most of the English horses we looked at.  I suppose different people have different standards of broke.


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