Posted by: Realist | December 21, 2008

Tore Off Easyboot Gaiters

I wrote in my previous post that Montana was misbehaving today.  At one point we lunged him in our riding ring and he raced around the ring for a while.  He was wearing 4 Easyboot Epics with gaiters.  Surprisingly, he somehow ripped off both hind Easyboots and tore the gaiters.  In fact, the top half of the gaiters with the velcro straps were left around his pasterns.

I have no idea how he could have done this.  Perhaps the Easyboots on both hind legs somehow touched and caused one to be ripped off?  I can imagine how a front Easyboot could be ripped off, but not the hind.  I’m a bit amazed that this happened since endurance riders use Easyboots on really long, tough rides.

I know Montana previously ripped a gaiter off an Easyboot, but I don’t know if it was on the front or hinds, because I wasn’t there.  I also don’t know what he was doing at the time.



  1. Hey there, great blog! I found it on Lynda Polks’ Hoofbeats blog and I’m enjoying it so far.

    I’ve been reading blogs because I’m trying to learn more about the horses nominated for USEF’s “Horse of the Year” award. I love horse and I’m a huge Arabian horse fan, I had to go with Adams Fire. What a beautiful animal! He is half Arabian, half DHH and there are four continents in his first generation. He is smart and responsive – very Arabian – but he is ALL American in his “melting pot” background.

    You should vote! You’ll love him and the awards event! … and you should write about the nominees. I haven’t found something like that yet… written by horse fans for other fans.

  2. same thing happened to me the first 2 minutes of my ride up the mountain. i am contacting the supplier tomorrow . Sounds more familiar than I thought. i am very upset about this.

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