Posted by: Realist | September 10, 2008

Tie Ring Near Disaster

Writing the previous blog entry about the tie ring reminded me of a near disaster I had when I first started using it with a previous horse a few years ago. My first mistake was using a rope that was only about 10 feet long, which isn’t long enough. My second mistake was having a knot on the end of the rope to prevent fraying. My third mistake was having the tie ring attached to an eye bolt that wasn’t secure.

So my old horse Aethan was standing fine at the garage tied to the tie ring. For some reason he spooked, I don’t recall why, and started pulling the rope through the tie ring. I didn’t worry, because I knew he would calm down once he had some slack, or so the tie ring marketing literature said. This was back when I first started using the tie ring and didn’t have much experience with it. Well, Aethon kept on pulling rope through the tie ring. So much for the marketing fluff. He pulled all 10 feet through until the knot on the end of the rope got stuck in the tie ring. And he kept pulling. Suddenly the siding on the garage peeled back as he pulled out the eye-bolt that apparently wasn’t set deep enough into a stud. Uh oh, not good.

I had visions of him running down the street with a 4×8 sheet of T11 siding chasing him. I jumped up and grabbed the rope and was able to get him to stop pulling. Whew, disaster averted.

After that, I moved the eye bolts and ensured they were sunk deep into solid studs. I also now use looong ropes, and never have a knot on the end. And I make sure a horse learns to tie before I let my guard down.


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