Posted by: Realist | September 10, 2008

Horse Hooves and Human Toes Don’t Mix

Our neighbor recently had a horse break his toe in a couple places when it stepped on his foot. This incident reminded me again on how easy it is to get stopped on. In fact, my wife and I own 4 or more pairs of steel toe boots. We started getting them after she had her foot stepped on a few years ago and had bruises for several weeks.

I’ve heard all the arguments about the steel cap getting crushed and having to have your toes cut off. I don’t have all the numbers with me now, but I discovered the amount of weight needed to crush a certified steel toe is far greater than what a horse can generate, even if it stomps its foot hard. After all, these boots are made to withstand things like car engines being dropped on your foot.

In reality, I’ve been stepped on half a dozen times or more, and it’s never been a horse stomping his foot on mine. It’s always been a horse taking a step on top of my foot. The frustrating thing is the horse just stands there on your foot unaware, and you have to push him off. I’ve always worn boots when this happened, and can’t even imagine the pain if I had sandals or flip flops (the horrors!)

The funny thing is that now I wear steel toe boots around the horses, I never get stepped on anymore. My subconscious is so well trained that I instinctively keep my feet out of harm’s way.



  1. Im my case,I prefer leather boots for horses to prevent them from injury

  2. I just had my TB slam his shod foot down on my big toe (wasn’t his fault) and BOY HOWDY does it hurt. Broken, plus the doc had to remove the toenail since it was going to come off anyway. I’ve been stepped on maybe three times before in my life without damage.

    But this got me thinking about those steel toe boots also. I always heard from farriers, etc., that they’re not a good idea. But after this incident, I think I’d better look into them . . .

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