Posted by: Realist | January 28, 2008

Sand in the Riding Ring

We had a load of sand brought in for the riding ring, since the bluestone was getting packed and hard on the horses’ feet.  We only got enough for 2″ on the outer 6 feet, so the ring has two different colors and looks a bit odd.

In the spirit of saving money, originally we started off by using a flat grassy area as a ring.  Later we roped it off to give it some boundaries.  Then we discovered that it riding was treacherous when wet or muddy, so we ended up getting some cheap bluestone brought in to provide some decent footing, as well as having the topsoil stripped off.  It started off as just an outer ring, then we brought in more bluestone and just left two grass circles so we could do figure 8’s.  This worked out quite well for a couple years.

The bluestone has packed down a bit and is quite hard, providing no cushion at all.  So we brought in a bit of sand as an experiment.  We’re still trying to move sand around for a consistent depth.



  1. We have a riding ring and we need help. We have tiled drain it but the water stays in it, The top soil is there. What should we do to get it butter for spring and no spend to much?

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