Posted by: Realist | January 28, 2008

Linda Tellington-Jones

I had previously read about TTouch by Linda Tellington-Jones, specifically rotating your horse’s front foot in small circles.  I thought it was new-age pampering and not effective at all.  Well, recently I picked up a book by her and was amazed at the amount of practical knowledge in the book, and how it backs up the teachings of Clinton Anderson.  It made me consider her TTouch with a new attitude.

I tried some of the basic TTouch circles with the horses this weekend.  There seemed to be no noticeable effect.  Cedar’s ears did go back when I worked back along his spine.  I guess I need to reread those chapters in the book.

I was also surprised she uses the chain over the nose method, which many consider to be abusive, but to me it shows she is willing to use anything that works.  Anyway, she strikes me as a knowledgeable lady and I’ll have to give her another chance.


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