Posted by: Realist | January 28, 2008

HorseGuard Electric Fencing

As much as I love HorseGuard wire tape fencing, and as cheap as it is compared to other fencing options, I have to admit it doesn’t work too well as gates.  Nor do t-posts work well as corner posts, since they can’t hold much tension before bending.

I’ve been meaning on replacing all our HorseGuard gates, which are just gate handles attached to HorseGuard wire tape, with metal tubular gates and using Oz-Posts for the posts.  We currently have 6 HorseGuard gates.

They are definitely getting a bit ratty, and combined with corner t-posts that are bent at all sorts of ugly angles, the place is looking quite untidy.  It didn’t help that Montana tried to jump the HorseGuard, got hung up in it, and bent several t-posts by pulling on the wire tape.  We had to replace an entire section of HorseGuard because Montana kept trying to jump it.
Finally, it’s very easy to get shocked if you accidentally grab the wrong section of an electrified gate handle.  This can easily happen when you’re not paying attention to the gate handle, like when you’re dealing with an unruly horse, or carrying buckets of food, or just lost in fantasy land.


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