Posted by: Realist | January 28, 2008

Barefoot Trimming

We gave both horses a quick barefoot trim on the front feet since their toes were getting long.  We’ve been doing the trimming for a solid year now, and I think we’re finally getting competent.  We still have the farrier come out, more to review our work than to do a lot of trimming.

I’m thinking we might be ready now to do most of the trimming ourselves and trailer to a barefoot trim training once a quarter to review our work and to provide more insight.  The trimming part now is old hat, we need to learn about conformation of the horse now.

It’s a fantastic feeling of empowerment to be able to trim your own horses.  It’s really a pain to have to schedule and be home for the farrier, who can be several hours late or not even show at all.  Plus, there’s the cost, which can easily be $60 for a barefoot trim and more for shoes.  That’s per horse, mind you.  Now it’s free and there’s no feeling at the mercy of the farrier’s schedule.

Plus, once we’ve gone barefoot, the horses feet are much healthier and we don’t have the type of issues (like abcesses) that we had with shoes.

Finally, I know what the horses feet actually look like up close.   When the farrier did the trims, I would watch, but I really didn’t touch or see up close the feet.  Now I do, and I watch how the feet change over time, how Cedar’s heels got underrun and are now improving, how Montana’s feet got wider, how both had the outer wall split away from the dry summer drought, etc.



  1. I think the pat paralli and people trying to make horses barefoot are both unrealistic. Think about it. Th e tarin out there is totally different than those wild days and the enviroment of health is a far difference than years ago.

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