Posted by: Realist | December 22, 2007

Cedar Comes a Knockin’ after a Strollin’

We were sleeping in the tent when I heard some really loud clunking at 7:30am. I figured it was Cedar kicking over his Rubbermaid feed tub, though it didn’t sound the same. Then I heard knocking on glass, and I realized somebody was knocking on our front door. So I climbed out of the tent and saw Cedar on the porch! As I walked over to the porch, I realized our neighbor was holding him on a lead line and had knocked on the door.

She said something like “he followed me up on the porch”. She probably doesn’t know that Cedar has come up on the porch before looking for food because we used to feed him cookies with us standing on the porch and him on the ground. (There are 4 steps from the ground to the porch.) I was able to lead Cedar down the steps with no problem, fortunately, since our other horse would probably either refuse to go down or jump down over all the steps.

I really need to put up those permanent gates instead of HorseGuard wire tape gates. I haven’t yet figured out how to run the electric wire underground below the gate and reattach on both sides.


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