Posted by: Realist | December 4, 2007

High Winds, Lost Power

It seems that anytime there is a storm we lose power. That’s probably because all the power lines are above ground and susceptible to broken tree branches. I suppose this is the case with anyone living in the country.

Last night we had winds of up to 40 mph and of course we lost power. We were in the tent, as usual, but couldn’t use the electric heater we sometime use when entering the tent or getting up in the morning to take the chill off. And of course the white christmas tree lights we have hanging in the tent also didn’t work.

I did feel bad for Cedar who was out in the field with no shelter. I’m sure with the wind chill the temperatures were down in the 20’s. And of course it’s not pleasant being in high winds.

I’ve been getting pretty lazy about preparedness the last couple years since the power has been pretty consistent. So this morning the power outage was a good excuse to fire up the wood-burning stove again. Of course, this meant dragging in some firewood in a bucket, finding firestarter, finding a working fire extinguisher (no power for a water hose), couldn’t find the chimney fire flare, and hoping there wasn’t a bird’s nest in the chimney. Everything went fine and I had a nice fire going.

woodburning stove

I was about to go out and find the kerosene heaters in the garage to help heat up the house, but the power came on in the morning. Still, it’s not good that those heaters haven’t been cleaned or used in a few years, nor that the kerosene I have stored is probably over 5 years old.


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