Posted by: Realist | November 30, 2007

Montana’s Barefoot Transition

The vet was out today and she verified that Montana is still ouchy in barefeet, even though it’s been 10 months. She says it takes at least a year for the entire hoot to be replaced, to grow from the coronet band to the bottom. So she said give it another half year to a year to see if he gets better. The good news is she likes my trimming job.

We did put Easyboots on Montata as a test and he trotted much better, not nearly as choppy, so this was a good confirmation.

We used to make the horses walk through a long corridor lined with gravel between their hay and water to toughen their feet. Now that we have to separate the two, they’re no longer using this corridor. I wonder if this will lengthen the time for Montana’s feet to toughen up.

I dread thinking about putting shoes back on Montana. There are so many downsides of shoes that I will only go back to them if there is no other choice.


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