Posted by: Realist | November 26, 2007

Brenderup: Rotting Floor

We dropped off our Brenderup horse trailer at the shop for a new floor. Apparently this is a common problem with Brenderups. Of course wood floors in trailers need to be replaced regularly, but for some reason I thought the composite floor of a Brenderup would be invincible. Guess not.

We tried the GitRot epoxy approach by drilling holes in the soft parts of the floor and filling with epoxy. I spent a couple hours dripping this stuff in the holes, and the holes never seemed to fill up. The floor did not magically change into a rock-hard epoxy-filled solid. Oh well.

Could I have jury rigged a solution? Probably, but I just didn’t have the time and energy since I’m in the middle of switching jobs. My wife asked Brenderup about putting Rumber in as a floor replacement, but apparently the spacing between the Brenderup supports isn’t right for Rumber. I also thought about putting in wood on top of the existing floor, which probably would work.

I think the repair will run around $1500 or so.



  1. What did you end up doing? I need to replace my Baron flooring… Looking for options and suggestions….

  2. We did end up replacing the floor with a new Brenderup floor. Also, we found that we have to always wash out any urine, so that it doesn’t get trapped under the rubber mats and rot out the floor quicker. Urine apparently is quite damaging. We also try to prop the mats up whenever there’s a rain, as some water does seem to leak in. The shop that replaced the floor treated it with something like Thomson’s Water Seal, and recommend we do so annually. Personally, I’ve considered sealing the entire floor with a pickup bed spray-in liner, like Rhino. Apparently that stuff is impervious. Now that Brenderup is no longer in the US, I’m actually not sure how you would order a new floor. Would you have it shipped from overseas?

  3. For any researching the floors as I did extensively, and being an engineer (a bit over annulitical) there have been numerous methods Ive seen, now in 2015. Some have put in 2×6’s, some 5/4 deck board, both having added additional cross member supports. One is Taylor Automotive (Chesapeake VA) and Taylor Boyz (Middland, VA, the 5/4 decking). Another is Connecticut Trailer, just east of Hartford. They have apparently found a provider of commercial grade plywood, in the full size, one-piece, to fit the trailer (mine a 2003 Baron, the larger), and they coat it with Scorpion brand rubberized coating. Did a decent job, but I would recommend a few additional points of detail they should do for a better job. I’ve come across an outfit in Georgia, south of Atlanta, that did marine plywood (and added cross supports), but only coated it with a rustoleum paint. I chose the rubberized coating for hopefully a longer life and added durability.
    Hope that helps someone else in their searches.

  4. Frans- could you please let me know where they sourced the large plywood? Ive been trying for years to find plywood that large and I have failed. I’m in Texas, so I can’t take it to the shop that did yours, but I would LOVE to know where I could get the plywood.

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