Posted by: Realist | November 24, 2007

Cold Last Night!

It was cold last night in the tent! said 23 degrees this morning at 7:30am. The tent is covered in frost on both the outside and the inside of the fly. Now I know why cold weather sleeping bags have special baffles around the neck and shoulder area, it’s to keep the cold air from slipping around the gaps. All night long I kept tucking the comforter around my neck and side to keep the cold air out. I was fine as long as the comforter was sealed, but it was impossible to keep it sealed. I think I might be pulling out my cold weather sleeping bag from storage.

Last night we plugged in some white Christmas lights in the tent. It really made all the difference. Now the tent is a cozy, snug getaway where we can hang out, chat, play cards, etc. Before the lights it was just a dark, cold sleeping chamber. Sure, we had flashlights, but holding a flashlight in your mouth or hand is cumbersome.

I also fired up a propane powered Mr. Heater portable heater. Although I won’t sleep with it on, it takes off the chill before going to bed and first thing in the morning. Although this morning the coating of ice on the inside of the fly melted and started dripping right on my head.


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